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Studio Ferrante Aporti is a fully equipped structure where any kind of setting and staging can be set up, but also movie set, shots and photographic services can be realized. It is composed of a setting theatre, production offices, dressing rooms, canteen, rest hall and internal courtyard with garden and loading/downloading area. Production includes: carpentry area, painting and decoration area, iron machining area, electrical systems area and technical equipment stock. A wide range of services and optionals are available, such as: wireless connection, air conditioning and heating, hot water and mobile kitchen (it can be moved into the theatre). Every area is compliant with the applicable safety regulations provided by the law.
servizi teatro-riprese cinematografiche
servizi teatro-scatti fotografici
servizi teatro-camerini trucco
servizi teatro-camerini parrucco
servizi teatro-camerini guardaroba e sartoria
servizi teatro-aria condizionata e riscaldamento
servizi teatro-connessione wireless
servizi teatro-acqua calda
servizi teatro-sala catering
servizi teatro-area colazioni e ristoro
servizi teatro-parcheggio auto esterno
servizi teatro-accessibilità mezzi per carico/scarico materiali
4000 m²/4784 yd² fully equipped for movie and television productions:
Studio, 43,50 m/47,6 yd x 26 m/ 8,43 yd setting theatre - 9,90 m/10,8 yd height; 570 m²/681,7 yr² offices and facility.
Oval limbo, 21 m/23 yd width , 8,50 m/9,3 yd height, 10 m/11yd depth(width can be increased upon request).
Special effects, production of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, power-assisted and radio-controlled structures recomended for photographic and cinematographic shootings, for industrial and TV purposes.
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